About Jon Decker


About Jon:

My name is Jon Decker. I've been doing photography for over 15 years. My body of work includes events, portraits, and art in a variety of locations and themes. I have a passion for telling stories, especially visually. I enjoy making innovative and inventive projects. I like taking the style of the maker and incorporating it into my images. I'm a troubleshooter, a problem solver, and over-all a creative. I want to share my passion for making things with everyone. Let's make some images together.

About Jon's Photography:

I've always liked the tagline Capturing the Possible. It's something I came up with back when I first started experimenting in still photography in 1999. Photography is a slice of time. It's a moment that represents an idea or a memory. Once that moment is captured, it isn't reality anymore: it’s something better. By capturing the photograph I've created a myth, a possibility, a representation of thought. My hope is that you'll want to capture possibilities with me and create a new representation of your ideas together.

Connecting With Jon:

I'd love to chat with you regarding your photo project: info@jondeckerphoto.com

For those of you who'd like to stalk me online, it's OK, a little background research is expected these days. You'll find me regularly on Facebook and Instagram, and occasionally on Twitter or Google+. Find me easily by using the social network buttons below to look at my sometimes wacky life.

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